Week Seven: Final Summative Project

late night studyThis week was filled with time spent up late at night and early in the morning researching and writing for the Final Project. The course I designed the project for is called College Writing in a Digital World. I had my students from the local  community college in mind as I created the Learning Objectives and Assessments, although I am planning it as if it is in an online setting. The Course Learning Outcomes are taken from the General Education Program Philosophy and Outcomes from College of the Redwoods, which focus on teaching valuable transferable skills that emphasis critical thinking and reasoning skills.  I used Wikispaces as the platform for my project, one of the tools I ask students to use in the final Learning Objective.

Please enjoy this first draft of my Final Project here.

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2 Responses to Week Seven: Final Summative Project

  1. Marie says:

    Liz, I love the image!!

  2. Mcreadon says:

    I agree Liz. It reminds me of many moments over the last few years. Michelle

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